Saturday, March 11, 2017

Baby sip at a time

When I look at the world today, and the big companies that have taken over the manufacturing of our food supply, and the influence they have on how the food is grown and processed, I get concerned.  I get concerned and I think you should too.  

Why is it, do you think, that we have such an explosion of mental health issues in the world today?  Why are there so many people, both young and old, that are being diagnosed with mental disorders??   It is at epidemic levels that we have Bi Polar disorder, ADHD, Alzheimers, Dementia,  not to mention diabetes, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and massive levels of obesity.  What the HECK is happening?

What we have been told and continue to be shown, is that we are polluting ourselves to the degree, that the planet can no longer sustain itself, and keep our food and water clean.  As a direct result our food supply and fresh water supply are suffering.  AND as a result of that, the food we eat and the water that we drink can no longer provide the nutrients that our bodies must have to survive.  

Think about it for a there such a thing as fresh water?  Not really, when every time we flush, or wash something down the drain, or your neighbor takes their blood pressure medication or birth control all goes back into the water supply.  Yes we attempt to purify it, by drenching it in toxic chemicals to make it drinkable again, but then we get those chemicals back into our water.

So I found this really amazing company that I have been working with.  They are very aware of how toxic our world is becoming, and they have six different lines of products that are directed at making lives healthier.  Through their lines of vitamins and health products, to air purification, to skin care, to water purification, they are stringent in their levels of control.

I had a friend that tried the vitamins after I gave him a two week sample, and his response was that there must be a stimulant in them because he had so much energy after taking them.  I explained to him that it was simply his body reacting to the nutrients that had been lacking.  

This is their newest product, and I love it!  It is not only beautiful, but it can be lifesaving.  It has been shown to filter out toxic chemicals, prescription medicine, bacteria, and E. choli.  

After you watch it, if and when you decide that you need to know where to purchase them for your family, because I know that you want to keep your loved ones safe and healthy, contact me and I will send you more information, and where you can order them.  

Change can be difficult, but all it takes is baby sip at a time.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

There is much to learn, in the not doing

I was talking to my daughter the other day about taking a vacation.  She had been visiting with us for the past week, and remarked about how un-rested vacations seemed to be.  She then went on to say that she liked it though because she wanted to fit in as many things as she could before going home, and how she didn't want to waste any time.

I told her how much I needed a vacation, and how I would love to just be on a sandy beach somewhere lying in a cabana enjoying the sound of the ocean.  How nice it sounded just to rest and recharge.  She agreed, but then added...that would be fun for a little bit then I would have to find something exciting to do.

I think back to so many trips I have been on.  Trying to do and see as much as possible in the little time that we would allow ourselves.  How rushed it all seemed to be.  I think of the street markets I have been to with others.  Feeling as if we were trying as quickly as possible to get through it all and just wanting to slow down and take it all in.  

I have come to know that I learn and gain understanding through touch and feel.  Rushing past all those booths and not being able to touch that beautiful silky skirt, or pick up that bar of handmade soap and breathe in its intoxicating aroma... was almost painful.  

I remember having a rabbits foot when I was about 10.  I got such a hard time when I carried it around, but I can remember how much I loved the softness of it.  The feel of it in my hand.  It was almost hypnotizing. Even now, if I am wearing something soft, you can often find me absent mindedly running it through my fingers. 

I went to dinner with a friend the other night, and before hand we had stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate, and picked out a few of their amazing candies.  The only one I chose was a dark chocolate truffle.  After we ate he pulled out the bag containing them, and I cut a small piece off of it.  As it softened in my mouth, melting into sweet deliciousness, I found myself closing my eyes lost in the sensations....mmmm   It was truly amazing.

Life is too short to keep rushing.  Always trying to get done all the things that "must be done" in order to enjoy the 30 minutes of relaxation before I drop into bed, only to wake up and do it all again.  I plan on enjoying those wildflowers flowing across the meadow,  smelling all those lovely little bottles of essential oils, watching the fireflies at dusk if I am blessed enough to find any, closing my eyes eating truffles every now and then....and quite possibly sail away into the sunset towards that cabana.  


If you ever see me and it looks like I am not doing anything, rest assured that there is much I am doing, in the not doing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

To Surrender

All my life, I can remember my father voicing his fears of the future.  How much he worried about the government, and being able to survive on a fixed income.  How he worried about whether social security benefits would even still be available when he was ready to retire.  I remember him saying how important it was to have  food storage in case of emergency, and seeing the cases and cases of food and supplies that he and my mother would bring home and store in the garage.

His concerns about being able to have a safe place to go if and when another world war broke out, and moving the food that he so obediently purchased to a small piece of property out in the desert.  Far enough away so that it would be a safe place to go to if needed, but close enough so that he could take care of it.  

I remember how much he loved guns, and I will readily admit that I also have his love of them, and how he would go into the garage and spend hours refilling bullet casing.  Melting down silver and carefully pouring them into the molds to make the varying sized bullet heads. He then would carefully press these into their various cases, sealing them tight.  Then lastly carefully pressing the small ignitor into the end of the bullet, making them ready for use.  And how much I loved when he would take "the girls" and not just the boys to the shooting range and teach us how to aim and shoot.

I loved spending time with him.  I remember one year, he invited me to go backpacking with him for a week.  I think I was about 14.  At the time I can remember being so hesitant to go, not certain if it was the week long hike, or the fact that it would have been just he and I, but he ended up going alone.  A decision that I have always regretted.  Now I would love to be able to spend a week alone with just him.  Talking just to him, and getting a better knowledge of him and his many loves.  I would give much to be able to have him fully here with us again.

 He had another I can remember for so very long. A fear that he would get Alzheimers, and lose himself in the disease.   He even went so far as to be genetically tested to see if he had the gene, which he was told he did not.  

He has been sick for some time now....dementia they call it.  It would seem that not having the gene for one disease, does not give us a clean bill of health if we have told the remaining cells in our body, that they will one day get sick.  

I miss him terribly, but not as much as my loving mother does.   She is an angel in my eyes.  Lovingly taking care of him, helping him daily with so many things we all take for  granted.  Answering the never ending questions, over and over again....sometimes minutes after having just answered the very same one.  The bathroom duty, the sleepless nights, the loss of the one closest to her heart....

We are all alone in life, to one degree or another....let those closest to you KNOW of your love for them.  While they are still with us...and can still hear and understand the words that you tell them


alone in this thing called life
emptiness  deep inside 
the space that used to be filled
we are lost to ourselves
and the world around us

where we once were a part
now far from whole
aching inside
afraid that what once was
may never be again

watching those around us
as they struggle to find themselves
wanting so much to get back
to that  space  deep inside 
to reach that place of centering

afraid to stretch forth a hand
afraid to grasp for things not seen
afraid to rely on some THING
or someone
afraid to look weak

HE is there
ever there
waiting to dry the tear stained cheek
waiting to take the outstretched hand
waiting to lift us up
cradling us in His loving arms
if only we would seek Him

what will it take
for us to surrender to His love

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time to get healthy!

My entire life I have struggled with my weight. Some years being really heavy, especially when having babies, and then being much thinner. Usually this came with a price though, which included eating very low calories and working out a couple of times a day. I have tried many methods for taking care of my weight.

I was one of those that tried Phen-Fen when it was popular, and YES I did loose weight and had a ton of energy. But I also ended up in a cardiology office doing a stress test because I had an irregular heart beat. Yeah that was kinda scary. I have also tried those programs that sell you all the prepackaged foods, and again I DID loose weight. The trouble with those is that they don't explain the facts behind weight loss. And after a while it all seems to creep back on.

When I hit my mid 40's I started to fluctuate once again. I felt terrible and went on a fact finding mission of my own to see what I could discover. I also went to my dr and had every test she would agree to so I could see what was happening. As I suspected many of the results were way below normal. No wonder I felt like crap...but really. So I started bio hacking myself and began figuring out what my body really needed to be healthy.

A friend of mine told me about a program that she was doing and she lost 5 pounds in the FIRST WEEK with no diet and exercise! She went on to lose 20 all together in one month, WITH NO DIET AND EXERCISE!! And she kept it off...that is the best part! At the time I wasn't ready to listen. Recently I really took a good look at the program, and I really like what I am finding. One of the things they really focus on is that nutrition plays such a huge part in our health. EXACTLY what I had been finding out for myself. I recently started it, and feel better just getting my nutrients back on track.